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PHP_Application is a platform for development of event-driven applications in which two mechanisms of distribution of events for two levels of abstraction accordingly are realized. The first level are objects and their events, the second - the application and its events. The mechanism of distribution of events of the applications supports distribution of the directed and broadcasting events, and also provides synchronous or asynchronous processing events.

The structure of the application represents hierarchy of objects with various levels of abstraction. Functionality of the application is completely defined by a set of the objects included in the application, and interaction between them, i.e. a stream of events. The used structure of the application allows to operate a stream of events extending downwards on hierarchy of objects.

PHP_Application includes, also, two interchangeable libraries: HTML Component Library (HCL) and XML Component Library (XCL) which use, accordingly, HTML Template Engine and XSLT Processor for generation of page. Thus, the application can be adjusted easily for use of this or that way of generation of page.

To additional features PHP_Application concern: multilanguage support; the ability to control access of object properties; multilevel access to the data of tabulared and tree-like type and many other things.

Copyright © 2005-2006 Andrey Tereshchenko